The Zephyr Difference : Zephyr Financial Strategies and Insurance Solutions, Pasadena, CA

The Zephyr Difference

Zephyr was created with the vision of providing a premier holistic financial planning experience with integrity and trust at its core.

The name Zephyr was chosen by the founders because the definition, “a gentle breeze” invokes an impression of peace and calm, which is a feeling they want all of their clients to experience. Financial planning is often a difficult subject, so Zephyr’s mission is for their clients to feel comfortable with a team they can trust. Zephyr can support all aspects of a client’s financial plan, and often collaborate with their clients’ other financial advisors, accountants, and attorneys to create a comprehensive plan to promote an advantageous outcome for their client. Zephyr’s goal is for their clients to reach the entirety of their financial dreams, both personal and business, utilizing all the professional resources and advice possible to achieve an optimum outcome.